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Hey this is important folks so please read the following:
If you would like to become a member of the forum just email me the username (case sensitive) you would like to use and send it from the email that you want associated with the account. I will set you up and send you back the account along with a temporary password for login. E-mail me here or call me at 352-287-2606. Sorry but the Spammers of the world made me do it.

2013 Buell Meet! // February 17, 2013
It is on once again, it doesn't matter if you have a Buell or not. Just be there please. =)
Not everyone will be going to the Hess Station first but the Sleepy Hollow part is an anyone coming will be there. The Hess station starts to fill up around 9:30am and is pretty much empty by 12:30pm. You can come and go as you wish and weather permitting you should see a lot of bikes you rarely if ever see. For Sleepy Hollow lets just call it from 11:00am till. I should be there about 11-11:30 as I'll have some people in tow.

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